Microsoft Disables Google’s FLoC tracking in Microsoft Edge

Google's FLoC tracking

Microsoft becomes the latest browser maker to reject Google’s FLoC tracking in Microsoft Edge web browser at least for now.

Microsoft Edge is one of the many Chromium-based web browsers and has made it know that they have disabled Google’s controversial FLoC browser-based tracking feature only supported on Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

FLoC is built into the web browser, which assigns you to behavior cohorts and shares that information with websites and advertisers. This feature brings several security concerns to users.

Google’s FLoC tracking is enabled by default when the browser is built and therefore it is up to the individual vendors to disable it during the build process.

Other browser makers have also held back on this feature at least for now. Apple has not made a public statement so far about whether they support FLoC or not.

EFF has criticized this new feature has set up a page here that can help you determine if you have been included in this testing.

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