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NativeScript 7.0 Release Aligned With Modern JavaScript Standards

NativeScript 7.0 Release Framework aligned with modern JavaScript standards across the whole stack has been announced for general availability.

Highlights of the NativeScript 7.0 Release

This new release of NativeScript will no longer be targeting es5 and commonjs. Instead, it will be targeting es2017+. This will allow for faster and more performant code as well as the latest ES advancements available in es2017.

This release now has the ability to extend native platform classes directly in JavaScript via the NativeClass() decorator. This feature applies to TypeScript based projects only.

The array of JSON package files have now been consolidated into a single nativescript.config.ts or nativescript.config.js file rather than having them spread over several directories such as the root, src, and app directories.

The default iOS runtime is now using the same JavaScript v8 engine with @nativescript/ios instead of using JavaScriptCore the same way NativeScript’s Android runtime has been for quite a while. However, you can still use tns-ios runtime based on JavaScriptCore if you find that the new v8 engine has an issue.

You can check out the official NativeScript 7.0 Release release notes here to find out more details about this release here. Meanwhile, you can also get up to speed with the NativeScript roadmap here too.

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