NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2020.5 With Vulkan Ray Tracing Final Specification Support

NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2020.5

NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2020.5 has been announced and comes with Vulkan Ray Tracing Final Specification support, rich set of CUDA features and several improvements.

This release comes with support for the Vulkan Ray Tracing Final Specification, as well as NVIDIA Collectives Communication Library (NCCL) tracing and CUDA Memory Allocation.

Nsight Systems is a performance analysis tool, designed to help developers tune and scale software across CPUs and GPUs within the system. It is part of a larger family of Nsight tools.

This release also comes with performance and UX improvements that include enhancements to the selection highlighting with lines to better identify the beginning of ranges and support for hi-DPI displays.

Also, graphics profiling improvements include support for the final specification for the Khronos Vulkan Ray Tracing specification.

You can download the latest release of NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2020.5 from the official download page found here.