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Overview of December 2020 Monthly Free Assets for Unreal Engine

This is the ultimate guide to the free for the month of December 2020 assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace. The month’s releases feature a Blockout tools plugin, a Modular swimming pool megapack, a Realistic forest pack, 200+ grunge decals, and Teleportation and portal visual effects.

What is the December 2020 Sponsored Content Program?

The Unreal Engine free for the month is Epic Game’s monthly offering, where they provide a selection of free assets that you can download for free forever.

Blockout Tools Plugin

Blockout Tools Plugin
Credits: Dmitry Karpukhin

The Blockout Tools Plugin is a lightweight set of tools to quickly block out levels by Dmitry Karpukhin. It consists of various primitive elements with convenient scale and transform controls and custom triplanar grid material to ease the level design workflow.

The plugin contains the following element types: Box, Cone, Corner Curved, Cylinder, Ramp, Skewbox, Sphere/Hemisphere, Stairs Curved, Stairs Linear, Stairs Linear Manual, Doorway, Railing, Window, and Tube.

You can get this December 2020 free for the month asset from the Unreal engine marketplace page here.

Modular Swimming Pool Megapack

Modular Swimming Pool Megapack
Credits: Switchboard Studios

The Modular Swimming Pool Megapack is a modular swimming pool by Switchboard Studios with the ability to create hundreds of different pools with locker rooms. It comes with over 100 different props and meshes to help you create a swimming pool the way you want to.

This pack also comes with:

  • Three original example scenes to showcase the assets,
  • A fully editable water material system
  • A first-person blueprint character setup, with interactable doors and lockers.

You can get this monthly Unreal Engine sponsored content product from the assets page here.

Teleportation and Portal

Teleportation and Portal
Credits: HighRender

The Teleportation and Portal pack is an automatic Teleport and Portal by HighRender with visual effects with particles. it comes with the built-in Character Ue4, with materials and Blueprints of animation modified for the teleportation doing the effect of materialization and dematerialization.

This pack allows the player to teleport from one teleportation to another. This package visualizes the materialization and dematerialization of the Character in during teleportation. It also includes the non-activation of the teleportation if the character is jumping or in the air, when passing by the sensor.

You can get this pack by downloading it from the Unreal engine marketplace page here.

Realistic Forest Pack

December 2020 Realistic Forest Pack
Credits: DigitalTris

The Realistic Forest Pack is a package by DigitalTris that includes high-quality maps, grass, flowers, rocks and more.

With this pack you can easily create your maps and generate all plants with material and procedural foliage volume. All plants support Pivot Painter 2.0. You can change wind strength and angle as dynamically from Material Instance.

Other features include:

  • An Overview Map
  • 4 x 4km playable terrain
  • Easily editable materials and material instances
  • 20 high-quality ground texture
  • High-Quality Heightmap
  • Dynamic lighting and bonus lighting setups
  • An easy to create terrain
  • Heightmap Slope variation
  • Pivot Painter 2.0

The following can also be found in the assets pack including:

  • Trees: 6 Alaska Cedar, 11 American/Quaking Aspen
  • Ground Plants: 4 Cattail, 3 Fern, 8 Sword Fern, 2 Virginia Creeper, 8 Clovers, 15 Grass, 1 Wheat, 17 Flowers
  • Rocks: 11 Rocks, 1 Cliff, 1 Photogrammetry Rock
  • Roads: Tunnel Parts, Bridge Parts, Guardrails, Road Meshes

You can get this December 2020 free for the month asset from the Unreal engine marketplace page here.

200+ Grunge Decals

200+ Grunge Decals December 2020
Credits: TextureMax

200+ Grunge Decals by TextureMax is a package containing 213 grunge decals easily configurable via material instances. These decals cover stains, leaks, rust, mossy, and dirty concrete. Each has a material instance with parameters to change the color, roughness, transparency, normal intensity, etc. Most of the base color textures are 2048×2048 or 2048×1024 pixels and each has a normal map.

You can download this December 2020 Unreal Engine pack here.


See you next month when we take another look at the next selection of free for the month assets for the start of the new year.

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