Opera Acquires YoYo Games for $10 million, Launches Opera Gaming

Opera Acquires YoYo Games

Opera, the browser developer has acquired GameMaker Studio creator YoYo Games for $10 million and launches Opera Gaming.

Opera, the browser developer, and consumer Internet brand, also the creator of Opera GX, which is a browser built for gamers announced that it had acquired GameMaker Studio creator YoYo Games for $10 million.

In the light of this news, YoYo Games’ will continue to be based in Dundee, Scotland and General Manager Stuart Poole and Technical Lead Russell Kay will both remain with the company.

The plan going forward is to form Opera Gaming with GameMaker and Opera GX at the center of it.

Opera GX comes with features that include lots of customization options, sound effects, background music, a gaming-inspired design, as well as CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth limiters. Opera GX is less resource-intensive resulting in more of the computer’s resources left for gaming.

You can read the announcement from the official blog post here.

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