About InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Protocol Peer-to-Peer Network

IPFS Protocol Peer-to-Peer Network

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol and peer-to-peer network was set up for users wanting to access decentralized or censored content, quite similar to BitTorrent.

IPFS was released in 2015. It allows users to not only receive but host content on private IPFS nodes in contrast to the well known central server system.

Any user in the network can serve a file by its content address. Other users in the network can find and request that content from any node that has it using a distributed hash table (DHT).

Data stored in the decentralized nodes equates to a portion of the data that can be widely distributed.

IPFS aims to create a single global network in contrast to BitTorrent. Users also have the option not to install an IPFS client on their device and instead use a public gateway.

Visit the official IPFS protocol Github page here to find out more info.

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