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OrlandoiX 2015 Conference in Five Riveting Days

OrlandoiX is an international five-day festival and conference that focuses on interactive media, entertainment technology, and digital arts. Like the previous festival.

OrlandoiX 2015 is a homegrown Orlando, Florida affair that brings in participants from across the world.

The festival consists of a series of exhibitions, parties, a summit, and a conference.

This year’s OrlandoiX 15 conference will kick-off on Friday, October 2nd through Tuesday, October 6th, 2015.

The OrlandoiX 2015 conference is unique in that it will be spread over the city of Orlando. Some of the activities will be taking place in downtown Orlando while the rest will be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center at International Drive.

What to Expect of OrlandoiX

Right from the beginning as an attendee, you will be thrown into a hotbed of highly charged activities. It all begins with an IZEA hosted kick-off night party that is open to the party. This will take place in downtown Orlando.

On Saturday, day two. The attendees will be thrown right into an immersive gaming experience and a series of speaker and panel sessions, sponsor exhibits and in the evening more parties and entertainment and networking events.

Day three which is the second day of the startup summit will continue with the same format as Saturday and the close of the Gaming Expo which included a gaming tournament, Game building challenges, and speaker sessions.

Day four, Monday, October 5th, The Orange County Convention Center will host the Digital Expo exhibition and keynote sessions with featured panelists.

The same night will see more parties, entertainment and networking events to bring the day to a close. Finally, on the last day, the schedule will be the same as it was on Monday.

To attend the activities of the four days of the conference one would have to purchase a badge. Just in case you are wondering. You can register for an OrlandoiX badge here.

The OrlandoiX 2015 Conference affords attendees many opportunities to be involved more hands-on by volunteering in various ways or by hosting an event based on these guidelines.

Again this is a must attend the conference as either an attendee, sponsor or partner and meet fellow attendees who will include creative technologists, animators, programmers, venture capitalists, game developers, designers producers and many more.

Visit the official OrlandoiX website for more information.

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