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Get the Scoop on PC vs Console Gaming

PC vs Console Gaming. This is the holy grail of age-old battles. There are few things in the tech world that solicit the fanboy craze and this by no means is no exception.

For the purposes of fairness, we will be forming two clear teams here. The console gamers featuring those who ply their craft on the Wii, Gameboy, and GameCube. The XBox One and its predecessors will fall here too. Finally, PlayStation 4 and all previous play stations, as well as any console, can join this team.

The PC team will consist of gamers who horn their skills in computer environments. These being Windows, Mac, and Linux computers can hurdle together to form another team.

Let the PC vs Console Gaming Battle Begin

One of the biggest arguments in favor of the consoles is the presence of exclusives. These are games released for the consoles or type of console and not on PCs. This includes titles such as Uncharted Series, Halo series, God of War, Gears of War and the list goes on. Wait, scratch that. Every platform has exclusives. So its safe to say we won’t be looking at that in this battle.

PC vs Console Raw Hardware Muscle

For the longest time PC gaming has been the undisputed kings of raw power that is available to 3D games. The advantages PCs have over the consoles is that the hardware can be upgraded beyond anything consoles could ever imagine.

Consoles are designed with fixed resources. For the hardware to get an upgrade it means the manufacturer has to release a separate model with the higher specs. Traditionally this has been done with special named editions of the console hardware.

In this regard, there really is no comparison here. Until console makers release consoles that support modding like PCs do then the PC industry will always come out tops. Again based on the hardware look and feel it is really not possible to start adding SLI bridged graphics cards, multiple screens etc to consoles and that is the reason why there is a PC gaming option available.

How About the Software Factor?

Most console operating systems give the console the edge over the PC in the PC vs Console battle. Gaming consoles usually have optimized operating systems and internal applications designed specifically for one thing or one set of things. The PC, on the other hand, hosts a general purpose operating system.

The PC operating system has to deal with so much more than just run the game and therefore takes up some of the memory capacity even when one is indulging in punching the lights out of monsters and villains. So even though the PC loses in this aspect, the gamers there make up for it by simply upgrading the hardware that is causing the respective bottlenecks.

As for consistency, you know the console gaming experience is consistent and reliable across the board as opposed to PC where the experience depends on the hardware configuration and sheer raw power of the PC.

All in all the general consensus in the PC vs Console war is that PC gaming brings in better-looking graphics and performance only if you have the right hardware combinations.

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