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POCO 1.7.0 Released for Immediate Availability

POCO 1.7.0, the newest version of the open source C++ class libraries for building network and Internet based applications has been released and can be downloaded for immediate use.

POCO is available as a cross platform set of libraries ideal for Desktop, Mobile, Embedded and Server use.

POCO is know to be resource lenient and makes use of very few external dependencies. It is stable and uses standard C++ code therefore available on all major platforms as well as lesser known set of embedded systems. This makes POCO ideal for delving into the IoT train.

What’s new in POCO 1.7.0?

POCO 1.7.0 has been marked as a maintenance release mainly packed with bug and performance fixes for issues found in 1.6.1 plus a few new minor features have been thrown into the package.

You can get more information about the latest release of POCO here. Or head on straight to the POCO download page and get yourself a copy now.

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