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Qt 3D Studio 1.0 Announced for General Availability

Qt has announced the availability of Qt 3D Studio 1.0 for general availability under both open source license and the commercial licenses.

Qt 3D Studio is a tool that allows developers and designers to rapidly build and prototype stunning 2D and 3D user interfaces. It is developed by the Qt Company.

This can be done using the built-in assets such as shapes, materials, textures, and effects. If that is not your cup of tea then interfaces can be built by importing the needed assets from your favorite 3D tools.

These include but are not limited to Photoshop, Blender, Maya, and MODO among others. It does this using FBX and COLLADA exchange formats.

What Makes Qt 3D Studio 1.0 a Special Tool?

  1. Open Architecture:

    This tool is open source. This means users have access to the full source code and can, therefore, use it in unimaginable ways to suit their needs.It also uses a plugin-based architecture allowing developers to extend the functionality of this 3D tool. The plugins can be used to customize areas touching on rendering, input, materials, effects and more.
  2. It Integrates With Qt:

    Qt developers can enjoy the full benefits of Qt when designing and developing their 2D and 3D user interfaces. One can throw in a mix of both 2D and 3D user interfaces in a single project.Another advantage here is that the code you produce is cross-platform. It can be built to target Desktop, Embedded, and Mobile platforms across Windows, Linux, OS X, QNX, and Android devices and more.These Qt 3D Studio scenes can be integrated into Qt Quick applications seamlessly implementing real-time shading and lighting effects in 3D
  3. Qt 3D Studio Editor:

    The tool comes with a WYSIWYG User Interface editor. This allows for very rapid prototyping, design, and developing. The editor is also cross-platform and can be used across Windows, Mac, and Linux.There is also the Qt 3D Studio Viewer which allows designers to preview their work as they make progress on a project. You can do this on the host machine or connect to a real live device using the remote connection feature.
    Qt 3D Studio 1.0 Screen

    Qt 3D Studio Viewer can also render image sequences which can be used to make videos, combined with an existing video or to create simple animations. The videos are ideal for sharing onto targets that do not have the resources to run the 3D user interface during the design process.

How do I get Started With Qt 3D Studio 1.0?

If you already have Qt installed on your system, you can simply install or upgrade it from the Maintenance Tool. If not you can use the online installer and go to the tools section and select it from the list. You can get the online installer from the Qt download page.

Qt commercial license holders can get started from the Qt Account portal. You can also find the documentation for this tool here where you can get all the information you need.

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