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Qt 5.12 LTS Release has now Been Announced

The latest Qt 5.12 LTS Release is now available for production use. This new version is the next long-term-supported (LTS) release that will be support for 3 years.

This version replaces Qt 5.6 LTS which will no longer be supported from April 2019.

This version comes with a host of new features, performance improvements including a reduction in memory usage, and improvements with QML rendering. There are also thousands of bug fixes that have been fixed in this version.

Qt for Python is now fully supported with most of the C++ APIs made available to Python developers. Qt for WebAssembly has more stability improvements, drawing it closer to full production availability.

The Qt Remote Objects and the Qt WebGL Streaming Plugin are now also fully supported.

ECMAScript 7 is now supported in the JavaScript engine which supports QML. This supports extends out to ECMAScript modules which can be accessed from C++ as well as QML/JS.

A new TableView is now available in addition to Item View in Qt Quick

Other notable inclusions in Qt 5.12 LTS are Qt Core which now supports CBOR (Concise Binary Object Representation). This is a binary format that is similar to JSON, which allows for a lot more data types and flexibility.

The screen digitizer in the MS Surface line of products is now supported without special drivers.

The RGBA64 image format with 16 bits per color channel has also gained support.

You can get started by updating your Qt 5.12 LTS framework using the Maintenance tool or downloading it from the official download page or the Qt Account Portal.

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