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Qt Creator 4.8.0 Released for General Availability

Qt Creator 4.8.0 has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with a host of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Qt Creator is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing cross-platform applications on Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded platforms. The traditional primary languages used in development with this IDE are C, C++ (also the Qt Framework), JavaScript, and QML. Python is also a first class language with this development tool.

What’s new With Qt Creator 4.8.0?

With C++ support, the Clang code model has been updated to LLVM 7.0. Follow Symbol for the auto keyword is now supported as well.

You can now generate and export a compilation database for tracking of compilation configurations that can be reused.

You can now make use of simultaneously running multiple debuggers while working in your project. Cppcheck is now integrated into the editor through a plugin.

Qt Creator 4.8.0 now comes with experimental Language Server Protocol (LSP). This adds basic support into the IDE allowing the developer to use an array of various programming languages.

To get started with Qt Creator 4.8.0 you can visit the official download page to download the Community version. For those with commercial licenses, you can visit the Qt Account portal by visiting the official account page.

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