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The new Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release is now Available

The latest developer toolkit Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release is now available for general use. The version is part of the commitment to Long Term Support which makes this version more of a bug fix rather than a feature update release.

Qt started the Long Term Support track with the release of the Qt 5.6 series back in March 2016.

Qt is a cross-platform framework written in C++ and used for developing applications across different architectures and operating systems. This software can be compiled from a code base that needs little or no change to source code. It supports cross compiling as well. Qt is available on an open source license as well as a commercial license option.

Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release Highlights

This latest Qt version does not come with any new features. it is designed primarily as a patch release. It, therefore, offers fixes to a number of bug fixes, security fixes, error corrections and general enhancements to existing features.

For those developers who are using the online installer, Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release can be updated using the Qt maintenance tool. For those using Offline packages, you can download the update from the official download page for open source users. Commercial users can get the update in the Qt Account portal.

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