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Get Your Copy of the new Qt Creator 4.0.1 Release

You can now download a copy of the new Qt Creator 4.0.1 Release. This update is immediately available for general use by those with the commercial license or those developers opting to use the open source license.

Qt Creator is a cross-platform is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports C++, JavaScript, and QML programming language. It comes stand-alone or as part of the Qt Application Development Framework.

Qt comes with a visual designer, source code editor, and debuggers. It supports several major compilers and build tools.

In addition to the above, you can also integrate Qt Creator with source control services and tools to get the best out of your development projects.

Highlights in the new Qt Creator 4.0.1 Release

This version comes with several fixes ranging from fixes in CMake conflicts between the cache and the IDE settings. The Clang static analyzer on Windows has also gotten an issue with running the executable fixed.

Still, on Windows, the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools can now be auto-detected. Under QML there is now a wizard for Qt Quick Controls 2.

Under iOS, missing human-readable error messages has now been fixed. You can get a whole list of updates and fixes by going to the changelog here.

For those developers who are using the online installer, Qt Creator 4.0.1 Release can be updated using the Qt maintenance tool. For those using Offline packages, you can download the update from the official download page for open source users. Commercial users can get the update in the Qt Account portal.

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