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Qt Creator 4.13 Release With CMake 3.14 Requirement

The new Qt Creator 4.13 release has been announced. It comes with a bunch of bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

Qt Creator, the free and opensource cross-platform preferred IDE for developing Qt and QML based projects has received an update that fixes a couple of issues while introducing some known caveats.

With this release, there are fixed issues with debugging on x86 and armv7 architectures and the emulator. These include the issue where the debugger takes a very long time to start up on iOS devices.

This has also fixed QML debugging and profiling on Android. On the project front, Qt Creator 4.13 release now requires CMake 3.14 or later. The auto-test integration supports the Catch2 testing framework now. Learn more here.

For Python projects, there is a new feature in the editor which introduces a new tool button that allows you to open Python interactively. This allows the developer to optionally import the current file as a module, allowing for one to directly start testing what has just been written.

LLVM for the C++ code model has been updated to LLVM 10, implicitly improving support for C++20 features.

For these features and more you can check out the complete changelog found here.

If you just want to dive right into coding with the new Qt Creator 4.13 release you can download the opensource release from the “Qt Creator” section on the Qt download page found here.

For those with the commercially licensed packages, you can get the update from the Qt Account Portal found here. As for those already with the online installer, you can simply go there and update your current installation.

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