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Qt Creator 4.3.0 Release has Been Announced

The Qt Creator 4.3.0 release has been announced for immediate availability. This version comes with an array of new features, fixes and improvements in several areas ranging from the Qt Quick Designer, the build tools, language features debuggers, mobile and the QML Profiler.

Qt Creator is a cross platform and open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing cross platform applications primarily based on the Qt Framework. It supports languages including C and C++, QML and JavaScript as first class citizens. It also supports others including Java and Python.

Highlights of the Qt Creator 4.3.0 Release

Android has now been updated to play nice with the Android SDK version 25.3.1. iOS development now supports selection of developer teams and provisioning profile for signing.

The welcome page plugin has now been reimplemented with QtWidgets that significantly improves startup time.

CDB / MSVC Debugging has some major performance improvements with the use of the Python based backend for pretty printing. Also the Qt Creator CDB Debugger Support component is no longer installed by default and has to be added from the maintenance tool.

The QML Profiler has improved performance and UI fixes. It also allows developers to view performance information in the QML Code editor.

For C and C++ developers, you can now select an choose sub projects and projects as well as language based on the context in which you want to use them. This way the editor will interpret the language correctly.

In the Qt Quick Designer, there is now a code editor integrated in addition to the visual editor. You can now use either or both side by side in real-time with changes in one affecting the other.

Server mode is now supported for those using CMake 3.7. This provides better information and performance and better vies of targets and products in the project tree.

You can update to the latest version of Qt Creator from the maintenance tool. If you have not already installed it, you can also download a brand new copy from the official download page here for the open source users. For those with commercial licenses you can update using the Qt account portal here.

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