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Qt Creator 4.4.0 Release Announced for Immediate Availability

The Qt Creator 4.4.0 release is finally out. It has been announced for general availability and can now be downloaded for general purpose use. This release comes with several fixes, enhancements and new features.

Qt Creator is an free cross platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed ideally to develop Desktop, Embedded, and Mobile applications with a Qt framework. If focuses ideally on C++, JavaScript and QML developments.

Highlights of the Qt Creator 4.4.0 Release

You may now opt to rename filenames when you rename a class that way you can make identifying of classes more friendly. The default color scheme gets enhanced with more colors allowing you to now distinguish between different types of variables, functions, methods and more. The current default has also been maintained.

Navigation or smooth scrolling within the file is now available in the options. The support for Windows CE which was not maintained in the first place has been removed from this version. There has also been some cleanup with the Qt Creator CMake project tree to get rid of some

annoyances. These include now hiding empty directories and working directory fixes when using CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY.

The Clang code model can now be used for highlighting of identifiers instead of the built-in model when it is activated. Other Clang improvements include showing Bookmarks, Clang errors and warnings. These improve the viewing of issues in the editor.

Themeing has also been included in the Debugger Console and TODO pane. There are now larger icons to the New Dialog as well as highlighting of search term in Locator results and locator input to extra editor and help windows

For in depth details of these changes and additions and more please visit the change log here to learn more about this new Qt Creator 4.4.0 release.

You can get your copy of Qt Creator 4.4.0 by going to the official Qt download page here for the open source version. For those with commercial licenses you can go to the Qt Account Portal found here. If you have a previous version of Qt Creator and Qt already installed you can go an update it using the online installer.

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