The new Boost 1.65.1 Release has Been Announced

Boost 1.65.1 Release

The new Boost 1.65.1 release C++ libraries has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with a collection of bug fixes, enhancements and new and updated libraries.

Boost is a collection of free, open source and cross platform C++ libraries which encourage both commercial and non-commercial use. The libraries are designed to work well with the C++ Standard Library. Boost libraries are usually candidates for further standardization into the core C++ language.

Highlights of the new Boost 1.65.1 Release

This new release is primarily a bug fix release and it is recommended that all users update to this new version.

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The fixes that come here include version macro changes for CUDA in the Config library. Other fixes include that MSVC 14.11 now supports structured bindings and the library is updated to the last known version of MSVC.

In the Context and Fiber libraries, return a continuation from functions executed by resume_with has been fixed.

The Smart Pointers library has Visual C++ version checks sorted out as well as the compilation for NVCC with host compiler clang.

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In the Stacktrace library has had the update build testing file to detail with a MinGW issue. Also in the same, change preprocessor file extensions to work with the installation system has been fixed. Support FreeBSD and other OSs that do not define _GNU_SOURCE but have _Unwind_Backtrace function has also been fixed.

Finally in the Thread library a bug in boost::condition_variable on Windows which had a bad overloaded operator which caused synchronization issues.

To get these latest fixes you can download the updated libraries from the official download source found here.