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The Qt WebBrowser is now Open Sourced

Qt recently announced in a blog post that Qt WebBrowser 1.0 has now been open sourced. This browser code named Roadtrip. Apparently, the browser was shipped exclusively as part of the Qt for Device Creation demo. It has now been made available under both GPLv3 and Commercial licenses.

Qt WebBrowser is also coming with the codename Roadtrip. With a user-interface written in Qt Quick, the browser comes as a touch-friendly alternative primarily for embedded devices running Linux.

Under the Qt WebBrowser 1.0 Hood

With Chromium, Qt, Qt VirtualKeyboard and Qt WebEngine under the hood, getting to leverage the source code in your projects becomes a breeze to developers familiar with the Qt Framework.

All the common features you would expect in a web browser are present in Qt WebBrowser. These include stuff like History, Bookmarks, and Search. Multiple tab access, video, and audio playback are also included in this debut release.

Through Qt Location, you can get location information. Fullscreen mode, HTTP Disk Caching, Enabling and disabling of JavaScript is also supported in Qt WebBrowser.

For the web developer, you have not been left out. Qt WebBrowser comes with developer tools to give you that much needed helping hand in debugging. That’s not all. Touch simulations are also supported.

To experience the best out of this embedded device web browser you would be interested in having support for hardware-accelerated OpenGL and recommended 1 GB RAM on your device.

Get more details about Qt WebBrowser from the browser manual page here. You can then get the source code from this link.

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