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Open Source C++ Library POCO 1.7.4 Release is Out

Released under the Boost Software License, POCO 1.7.4 release has been announced for immediate availability.

POCO is a C++ class library specifically designed for networking and Internet based applications. The libraries are ideal for use with web applications and Desktop applications. It is also ideal for mobile, server and embedded applications just as well.

With very few external dependencies POCO comes a cross-platform and open source library that is written with standard ANSI C++. It is lightweight enough to run on weaker embedded systems.

So What’s new With POCO 1.7.4 Release

Generally there are a few bundled third party library upgrades as well as bug fixes. The XML parser has been upgraded to Expat 2.2.0. The bundled database engine has been upgraded to SQLite 3.13.0.

Send request failures have been fixed with servers. URI now recognizes “ws:/” and “wss://” schemes. Empty SocketReactor never used to go into sleep state. It has now been fixed.

You can check out the details on the change log page as well as fixes in previous versions. You can do the latter in case you are behind on your updates. To get yourself a copy of POCO 1.7.4, please visit the official download page.

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