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A new Update of rr 4.2.0 Record and Replay is Out

Mozilla has announced the release of rr 4.2.0. The name does not say much but rr is an open source record and replay tool.

Basically, this is a lightweight tool for recording and replaying the execution of applications. Something like what debugging tools do. It measures and sets trees of processes and threads alike.

What’s new in rr 4.2.0

First off there are several improvements and bug fixes especially related to Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10. There is a new mode added to catch hard-to-reproduce bugs called chaos.

Logging can now be turned on dynamically or via an environment variable. Syscall support has now been expanded. Developers can now use kernel ftrace while debugging rr itself.

For these and more you can find out more about this debugging tool here and you can get the source code here.

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