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The new Update of SQLite 3.13.0 has Been Released

The immediate availability of SQLite 3.13.0 has been announced by the development team that maintains it. This cross-platform open source library is available as a free download.

SQLite is used in several applications across a wide range of industries. SQLite can be described as a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

What’s new in SQLite 3.13.0

With SQLite 3.13.0 comes with several bug fixes some of which include fixes to multi-row one-pass DELETE optimization. This issue was specific to self-referential subqueries in the WHERE clause. Again with DELETE, the possibility of a segfault related to a rowid table with an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY and the WHERE clause contains “OR“. There is also a fix on a locking race condition in Windows when more than one process attempts to recover the same hot journal at the same time.

Improvements in SQLite 3.13.0 include improved Unicode filename handling in the Windows command-line shell. There is a new sqlite3_db_config SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION interface which allows the sqlite3_load_extension() C-API to be enabled when load_extension() is disabled.

The temporary directory search algorithm on Unix platforms now allows directories with write and execute permissions to serve as temporary directories. Also, delay of IO on TEMP files to be delayed for as long as possible even avoiding it completely.

There is a whole host of changes that can be found on the changelog page so I would advise you head on over there and check them out. If you just want to download the latest copy of SQLite 3.13.0 you can simply go to the official download page and get yourself the appropriate copy.

The guys at Guru99 have set up some detailed tips on how to download and install SQLite.

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