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Rust 1.15.1 Release is now Available for Use

The new programming language Rust 1.15.1 Release has been announced for immediate availability. This new version generally comes with two significant fixes.

Rust is a systems programming language with growing popularity and interest and is focused on safety, speed, and concurrency.

A soundness bug in the new vec::IntoIter::as_mut_slice method has been fixed as well as a regression where certain C components of the Rust distribution were not compiled with -fPIC as explained here. Other than these there are no other major updates to this release.

Interested users can download a fresh copy of the Rust 1.15.1 Release from the official download location here or one can update their existing installation of Rust by running.

$rustup update stable

You can also learn more about this new version by going to the official release page found here.

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