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How Things are With the TIOBE Index February 2017

As we take our first look at the TIOBE Index February 2017 results we can see some stability at the top in terms of ranking but not so much in the rating departments. At the lower end of the top twenty listing has seen the most activity over the same period a year ago. All in all, let’s take a look at what has gone down since we last looked at the index at the close of 2016.

Highlights of the TIOBE Index February 2017

C, Java, and C++ take the top spots in that order as far as lose of ratings go. Since 2015 C has dropped from a stable rating above 15% to way below 10%. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Java also took a major tumble losing 4.47% of its rating since a year ago. C++ dropped 1.5%.

With the new standard C++17 projected to be officially released later this year, it will be interesting to see whether C++ jumps up a notch to overtake C.

A Quick Look at the Current Rankings

Scratch jumped three spots to edge into the top twenty listing just behind Objective-C which is determined to bow out with a drop of 5 ranking spots, the biggest of the month. MATLAB and PL/SQL each retain their ranking order and glide up a spot each to settle at 17 and 18 respectively.

The second biggest drop of the month goes to Visual Basic which drops four spots to settle in at 16th on the list. R jumps two spots to 15th. We then meet up with the biggest climber. Go fast tracks itself to the 14th spot by rocketing up 2 spots.

Assembly language remains stable at position 13 just behind Swift who’ve climbed four spots to settle behind Ruby which has remain stagnant at 11th.

All the programming languages sitting between position 11 and 20 actually got a positive rating despite of the some drops and rises. As for the top 10 programming languages we see less ranking activity but activity nonetheless.

At the 10th spot lies Perl which dropped two spots in an exchange with Delphi/Object Pascal who settle at 9th position. Visual Basic.NET drops one spot to 8th while JavaScript climbs two spots to reach the top seven. PHP, Python and C# retain their spots at 6th, 5th and 4th respectively.

The top three spots are holding strong with C++ taking the 3rd spot, C takes 2nd place and Java remains King of the programming languages at 1st place.

There you have it. The TIOBE Index February 2017 results. Our next look at the index will be later in April 2017.

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