SQLite Release 3.27.1 Available for Download

SQLite Release 3.27.1

SQLite Release 3.27.1 has been announced for general availability. It comes with a couple of bug fixes and changes carried forward from the previous release.

SQLite is an open source,  self-contained, transactional, zero-configuration, serverless SQL database engine. It is implemented as an in-process library with code written in C that is in the public domain. This means you can freely use it for commercial and personal projects alike.

This new version fixes a bug in the query optimizer dealing with an adverse interaction between the OR optimization and the optimization that tries to use values read directly from an expression index instead of recomputing the expression.

It also includes other changes carried forward from the previous release with details that can be found here.

If you are not interested in those details you can simply get yourself a copy of SQLite Release 3.27.1 from the download page here.