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SQLite Release 3.40.1 Now Available for Download

The open-source SQLite Release 3.40.1 is now available for download for free from the official database website.

SQLite is a drop-in library that contains a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is opensource with the code being in the public domain. This means it is free for commercial or private use.

The 3.40.x series comes with added support for compiling SQLite to WASM allowing it to run in web browsers. It is important to note that the WASM build and its interfaces are still in BETA and are subject to minor changes if the need arises.

This version introduces a recovery extension that might be able to recover some content from a corrupt database file.

There are enhancements to the query planner. There is also a new typedef named sqlite3_filename which is added and used to represent the name of a database file.

In this release series you will find there are security enhancements where with SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DEFENSIVE is used to prohibit changing the schema_version which becomes read-only in defensive mode.

There are enhancements to the PRAGMA integrity_check statement, the VACUUM INTO statement so that it honors the PRAGMA synchronous setting.

It is now allowed to have two or more indexes to have the same name as long as they are all in separate schemas.

Features specific to SQLite Release 3.40.1 includes a fix to a potential infinite loop in the memsys5 alternative memory allocator as well as fix to the –safe command-line option to the CLI such that it correctly disallows the use of SQL functions like writefile() that can cause harmful side-effects.

For more information about this release please visit the the official SQLite release logs here. If you want you can just jump over to the downloads page and get your preferred copy there.

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