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TIOBE February 2018 Programming Languages Review

Once again it is that time we took a peek at the current programming index TIOBE February 2018.

This is the index that rates programming language for popularity over a month by month basis.

What’s Interesting in the TIOBE February 2018 Index

Well, to start off, Object-C is hanging on the brim by a thread. This language once so ever popular has dropped down to position 20 just above MATLAB which sits at the 19th spot.

The same sorry story goes for the bottom six programming languages. They have all dropped rankings to a certain degree. At position 18 we have Go. Go has lost four spots. Perl has settled in at 17th place after dropping seven spots.

Swift has lost four spots to settle at 16th just above Assembly Language which has also dropped two places.

The next five programming languages have all climbed in the TIOBE February 2018 index.

PL/SQL has gone up four places to submit to 14th place. R climbs two places to take up the 13th spot just above Visual Basic which has gone up 4 ranks. SQL remains neutral sealing the 11th spot.

Ruby closes out the top 10 spots just above Delphi/Objective Pascal. At position 8 we have JavaScript followed by PHP at 7th and Visual Basic.NET remains at the 6th position up from 8th.

Among the top 5, we have C#, Python, and C++ respectively holding strong. Finally, at the top of the index, we have C and the leader, Java.

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