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Breaking Down the TIOBE Index April 2016

It’s that time once again for us to break down the programming language rankings from the TIOBE Index April 2016. For those of you who know us, we are inclined to bring you this breakdown every other month.

The TIOBE index is calculated by gathering information on the number of skilled engineers from around the world. It also looks at the courses offered and the distribution of software vendors. Finally, popular search engines get factored in to finalize the ratings.

Any Surprises With TIOBE Index April 2016?

Based on the previous analysis we did back in February 2016 you can see there are a couple of changes. At this point, it is good to note the changes are not on month on month but rather year on year.

From what we can see, Visual Basic has taken quick a knock dropping 5 spots to settle at position 14. Objective-C is still on a downward trajectory dropping a whopping nine spots.

Others in the top twenty that have dropped places include JavaScript with a single digit drop and MATLAB with a two digit drop.

No surprises when it comes to Assembly Language with a seventeen spot climb. Groovy However takes the greatest rise by jumping up 24 spots followed by D which climbed 18 spots. Both Groovy and D are new entrants into the elite top twenty.

Other the climbers are Swift making a nine spot jump as well as Ruby. Perl makes a surprise climb by gaining four spots on its way to the top. PHP jumped one spot after displacing JavaScript. Python and C# have made hasty rises as well taking three and one spot respectively.

There is no change at the top with Java, C and C++ retaining their spots. All in al,l Java remains safe at the top of the TIOBE Index April 2016.

You can get the details and see more of the other languages and detailed analysis from the official index page.

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