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The Sun Sets on Qt Cloud Services

Back in January 2016, it was announced that Qt Cloud Services would be toning down. Today another announcement has been made that come September 30th, 2016 Qt Cloud Services will be shutting down for good.

Qt Cloud Services was kicked off back in 2013. Over the last few months, Enginio had been deprecated as well as other linked services in favor of the new cloud-based framework.

This services where about the Qt data storage, back-end services and user management in a Qt backed ecosystem of cross-platform operating systems and devices. Some of the benefits were supposed to be notifications, analytics and much more.

This brings in a new error of the direction Qt is going especially seen with the new features introduced in Qt 5.6 and the unifying of the Commercial and open-source code bases in Qt 5.7 Beta and beyond.

Existing users have up to the end of September 2016 to organize themselves and safeguard any existing data on the Qt Cloud Services platform.

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