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One Last Look at the TIOBE Programming Language Rankings

As we take our last peek at the TIOBE programming language rankings, we see there are no real surprises to send us into the new year this time around.

On notable climber is Kotlin at the 28th spot which has been making steady headway into the top spots. Kotlin is becoming a favorite for Android development.

Back at the top, we see there is no change at the top four spots with Java hanging on to retain its place. C retains its second position while C++ sits comfortably at third place. Python closes in at position 4 while C# makes an entry into the top five.

At sixth place is JavaScript after climbing two spots just topping Visual Basic.NET. Things get interesting with this month’s TIOBE programming language rankings where R settles in at position 8 after making a huge jump from its previous position 17.

PHP drops two spots to settle in at 9th while MATLAB takes the last top ten spot.

Swift leads the bottom half of the top 20 at position 11 followed by Object-C and Assembly Language respectively. The next three spots 14 through 16 are taken by Perl, Ruby, and Delphi/Object Pascal.

Go drops a single spot to sit tidily at 17 ahead of Scratch. PL/SQL makes a home in position 19 and Visual Basic just squeezes in to take the 20th spot.

You can get more details, review charts and more detailed tables on the progress of your favorite ranking on the official TIOBE index ranking page.

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