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Get to Know Kotlin 1.0 in Sixty Seconds or Less

Back in February, the guys at JetBrains announced the release of Kotlin 1.0. A couple of months later we are here to pick the details within this new programming language.

This is by no means a tutorial however the good news is that a tutorial is coming soon so don’t get too lost. For now, we will simply break down Kotlin 1.0 to get you warmed up before you start programming with it.

Kotlin 1.0 the new kid on the Block

Who said the world did not need another programming language? The reality is we can always do with another programming language. The world s a fast evolving place with ever new challenges cropping up. These challenges need new solutions, sometimes new, sometimes customized from an existing language.

Whichever the case, there is always a justification for an entirely new language. Kotlin goes about this is in a clever way. Written from scratch yet part of an existing framework.

A Case for Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin covers five general bases that in turn solve wider problem areas encountered by programmers all over.

  • Kotlin is Concise. It is designed to reduce the boilerplate code one has to use to write up a project.
  • Kotin focuses on Safety. The language helps avoid several types of error such as null pointer errors
  • Versatility is another strong point allowing one to write server-side applications, Android apps, and Front-end browser web apps
  • Kotlin is 100% Interoperable with Java and its Libraries
  • Kotlin brings first-class IDE support and command-line tools

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for Android, the web browser and the JVM. It is designed to work with existing popular tool such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and compilers such as Maven, Ant and more.

Back by JetBrains, Kotlin is a pragmatic open source programming language for JVM and Android. It comes with Object Oriented and functional features.

It is classified as a general purpose language that works everywhere that Java will work. It also has its own library covering everyday tasks. It can also make use of the Java libraries.

Kotlin is generally a type system that prevents bugs, and abstraction mechanisms that facilitate code reuse. In the coming days, we will be running a mini Kotlin 1.0 tutorial for beginners to get you up to speed and as an introduction to a more in-depth guide.


Official Website: https://kotlinlang.org/
Reference Documentation: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/

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