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UE4 Marketplace Free for the Month September 2020 Giveaways

The UE4 September 2020 Giveaways are up on the marketplace in the Free for the Month section featuring a whopping nine products up for grabs.

Epic Games has lined up a bunch of products that make up the UE4 September 2020 giveaways. These can be found under the Free for the Month section in the UE4 marketplace.

The UE4 marketplace free for the month program is where every month Epic Games makes a selection of Unreal Engine assets from the marketplace available for free forever.

This month of September brings a large selection of assets that complete the lineup. We will give you a scoop of what is in store.


Bunker - UE4 September 2020 Giveaways
Courtesy: Starlight Arts

Bunker is an asset pack by Starlight Arts that includes a game ready Bunker with detailed environments props and Material to build realistic hi-quality video game environments. The textures use PBR Materials, there are collisions and LODs for assets, a fully finished coal mine map, and more.

You can find the assets here on the marketplace product page.

Warp Effect

Warp Effect
Courtesy: NadirVFX

Warp Effect is an asset pack by NadirVFX. The package contains a variety of warp effects which allows one to tweak parameters of warps in BP and Material Instance. The package includes nine effects, 13 textures, 20 materials, and 26 material instances, nine Blueprints, and three meshes.

You can find out more about these effects from the product page on the marketplace.

Pro Icon Pack

Pro Icon Pack
Courtesy: Piontek

Pro Icon Pack is an asset package by Piontek. This package is a highly designed pack of layer-based, fully customizable Icons, split between base icons and overlapped icons.

It can be used as a base to further create your own icons or simply use the pack in an inventory, in the HUD, in your main menu, or in-game.

It comes with 3 types of base icons namely Square, Ellipse, and Hexagon) and up to 5 base icons with additional angles. It has a base icon widget with a wide variety of customization settings. It has over 105 additional icons and over 100 prefabs.

Icons and base icons can be a resolution of 256×256 and 64×64, includes generic and controller icons, as well as masks for non-translucent icons.

Other features include three Blueprints, five materials, 195 textures, and one widget. You can visit the UE4 page here for more details.

Arcade Space Shooter Template

Arcade Space Shooter Template
Courtesy: Coqui Games

Arcade Space Shooter Template by Coqui Games is a feature-complete template that allows you to create an on-rails 3D space shooter. It comes playable in two modes – track and all-range modes.

It comes with three camera angles – First-Person, Third-Person, and Back-facing. This template allows you to make moves such as Roll, Barrel Roll, Boost, Break, Somersault, and Uturn. There are weapon-switching mechanics, with pickups including Health, Shield, Points, Points Cache, Laser Upgrade, and Bombs!

The template also comes with level-building tools like Procedural Debris, Road Builder, and Corridor Builder.

The supported target build platforms are Windows, Mac, and Linux. head on over to the official assets page in the marketplace here.

Female Mannequin Character

Female Mannequin Character - UE4 September 2020 Giveaways
Courtesy: PO-Art

Female Mannequin Character is an asset by PO-Art that is compatible with other stylized female assets from PO-Art. It is a female mannequin character model for game development and prototyping and has come with multiple head options and modular parts.

The asset is rigged including to Epic skeleton and is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.14 to 4.24 on Windows though it should also be able to be used on Mac, PS4, Xbox, and mobile platforms.

Find out more details from the assets product page in the UE4 marketplace.

ArchVis VR

ArchVis VR - UE4 September 2020 Giveaways
Courtesy: Vahid

ArchVis VR is an asset pack by Vahid. It is a set of tools for Unreal Engine 4 that anyone can use in VR ArchVis projects to add support for Virtual Reality specially HTC VIVE & Oculus VR.

It requires no other plugins nor C++ knowledge as it is fully built-in Blueprints. With these tools, you can pick up objects and design scenes in VR, take screenshots in VR, teleport, or walk-in level with Live Map, light switches, and more.

You can get the full details from the official product page on the UE4 marketplace page here.


Courtesy: LoomMan

StarSphere is an asset pack by LoomMan. It is a parameterized skybox material and planet shader for space environments that allows one to create stunning space skybox backdrops within UE4. Materials and textures optimized for mobile applications are included in this package.

The package includes five Blueprints, seven master materials, 12 material instances, two material functions, six base textures, eight decal texture samples, eight planet shader textures, two meshes, one particle system.

You can find out more about this package from the official product page here.

HorizonUI Plugin (DialogueMsgTextBlock and Flipbook)

HorizonUI Plugin
Courtesy: horizon-studio

HorizonUI Plugin is a plugin asset by horizon-studio that contains some extension for UMG Widget.

It implements the HorizonFlipbookWidget which is a widget that adds support for using PaperFlipbook directly in UMG. it also implements HorizonDialogueMsgTextBlock that allows for combining both rich text and typewriter text effect in this widget!

You can control text color, shadow color, font, font size, and padding for each text block. This widget also supports hyperlinks. You can also control dialogue speed and whether it will be repeated after finishing.

You can find out more details from the product page on the marketplace here.

Ultimate Touch Components

Ultimate Touch Components
Courtesy: Neo Wave Games

This is highly customizable, easy to use touch components for mobile and PC devices with the touch screen by Neo Wave Games. You can easily add tap, swipe, drag to look, drag to move, pinch to zoom, pan, and rotate gestures or virtual joysticks with UMG skins to your game.

There are a lot of configuration options that will help you gain full control of behavior tweaking and visual representation.

The components here are supported on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 platforms. Meanwhile, you can get more details about this component assets from the marketplace product page here.

Conclusion on UE4 September 2020 Giveaways

There you have it. That’s the collection for the UE4 September 2020 Giveaways for Unreal Engine on the UE4 marketplace. Like always we will be back with next month’s lineup in a month’s time.

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