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Unreal Engine 4.22 has Been Announced for General Availability

The new Unreal Engine 4.22 release has been announced and can now download for production use. This latest version comes with an array of features, performance improvements, and fixes.

Unreal Engine is a suite for of game development tools for making games and interactive entertainment applications, automotive visualization, architectural visualization, data presentations, linear entertainment and much more.

Highlights of the Unreal Engine 4.22 Release

The Unreal Engine 4.22 release comes with a bunch of interesting new features with the most notable ones mentioned here. We start off with Early access Real-time ray tracing. The improvements here give outputs such as true reflections and refractions, soft area shadows, and ambient occlusion a serious boost.

There are new significant improvements in mesh drawing performance as a result of the rendering code refactor. There is now real-time wireless streaming from Unreal applications to Microsoft HoloLens.

There is also improved sound design with TimeSynth which allows users to perform sample-accurate audio clip management. There is a spectral analyzer for submixes. There is better control of how many sounds will play simultaneously and spectral analysis baking.

New and enhanced Virtual production tools have been included in this release to facilitate virtual production and live entertainment.

You can find out more about these features and the engine from the official release page here. You can jump right in and download Unreal Engine 4.22 from the official download page found here.

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