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The New Vivaldi 1.2 Release has Been Announced

The Vivaldi 1.2 Release has been announced for general availability. It can be downloaded free for users across the world. This release comes just a few weeks after the previous update.

Vivaldi is the newest browser on the market to date. Unlike other traditional browsers, Vivaldi is designed to conform to the user rather than dictate to the user how Internet services show be enjoyed. Vivaldi is developed by Vivaldi, the company primarily by former Opera developers.

Highlights in the New Vivaldi 1.2 Release

We will be mentioning some of the exciting new features coming out with Vivaldi 1.2. First off you can make your own mouse gestures. Yes. You can now control various aspects of the user experience and User interface with custom mouse gestures. If customization is not your thing then you can always stick to the default mouse gestures.

Through the Tab Page settings, Browser tabs now have a new feature where you can set a unique home page for every new tab. Still, with tabs, you now have a zoom range up to 500% up from the previous 20%.

Vivaldi now has official support from the password managers, 1Password and Lastpass.

You can visit the download page to get the latest copy of Vivaldi by simply installing. You will be upgraded stress-free in case you had an older version otherwise a fresh install will be the only option. Like other browsers, you can run it side by side with your existing web browsers. On Windows Vivaldi is only supported on Windows 7 and above.

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