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Wine 6.0 Release With Improvements for Windows Software on Linux

Wine 6.0 release stable with a whole host of improvements for running Windows-based software on Linux has been announced for general availability.

Wine is an open-source project that allows users to be able to run Windows games and applications on Linux, macOS, and other Unix-like platforms.

This release comes with over a year of development with over 8,300 updates making it into the stable release.

Highlights of the Wine 6.0 Release

  • Core modules now being implemented in Portable Executable (PE) format
  • There is now an initial (experimental) Vulkan back-end for WineD3D as an alternative to OpenGL
  • DirectShow and Media Foundation support is now included
  • Text console support is reimplemented, using the architecture of recent Windows versions
  • Raw input devices and messages are implemented and used by DirectInput instead of less efficient low-level hooks
  • Initial support for ARM64 on macOS, and various developer tooling enhancements, and more.

The source is available from the links provided in the official release notes. If you prefer to download the binary packages for distribution then you can visit this link here.

For more details on this extensive Wine 6.0 release, you can check out the full release notes on the official WineHQ website here.

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