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Linux Mint 20.1 LTS Release With Cinnamon 4.8 Integrated

Linux Mint 20.1 LTS release with support stretching into 2025 was recently announced available in Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce Desktop versions. It comes with updated software and many new features.

Users can turn any website into a Desktop application with the new Web App manager. This creates a launcher with its own icon and window for any website.

Hypnotix is a new application that is an IPTV player for M3U playlists. It also supports live TV including VOD. By default, Hypnotix comes with a free IPTV provider called Free-IPT that only provides freely and publicly available live TV channels.

The “Add to Favorites” feature allows you to add any frequently or favorite files to a list that you can easily access.

Cinnamon 4.8 is the latest version of Cinnamon and it features better performance. It comes with a 5% rendering improvement at 4K and lower use in its window management. It has a faster Javascript interpreter based on MozJS78.

Other Cinnamon 4.8 improvements include:

  • Better Flatpak support
  • Percentage in the sound volume OSD
  • The option to always show the panel when the menu is open
  • Scrolling in the window-quick-list applet
  • Configurable scrolling direction in the workspace-switcher-applet
  • The ability to assign a keybinding to mute the microphone
  • Zstd support in nemo-fileroller
  • Tiff support and PDF page numbers in Nemo-media-columns
  • Thumbnails for files up to 64GB in Nemo

Printing and scanning improvements by removing ippusbxd, which bypasses or inhibits printer drivers.

For these and more you can visit the official Linux Mint 20.1 LTS release notes found here.

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