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How to Add WooCommerce Product Categories to a Menu

As with most WordPress Themes when you add products to your shopping cart their categories will not appear in the menu automatically. Therefore you would need to take one or two extra steps to show them in a structured manner. With that, today’s quick tip will cover the process of adding the WooCommerce product categories to the WordPress menu.

WordPress is open-source software that allows you to create websites, blogs, or web applications with minimal effort and without reinventing the wheel.

It supports eCommerce applications as well and one of the most popular plugins that allow you to run your eCommerce website is WooCommerce.

Tips to Adding the WooCommerce Product Categories to the Menu

WordPress comes with a built-in interface to manage your navigation menus. It can be accessed by:

  1. Going to the admin menu and then selecting Appearance > Menus.

  2. You then need to either create a new menu by clicking on “create a new menu” or select one from the Select menu marked “Select a menu to edit:
  3. Under the type of menu items to add a section, you should be able to see “Product Categories” listed. Select it. and choose the “View All” tab just above it. You now have access to all the Product categories.
  4. Select the categories you wish to add to the menu and click the “Add to Menu” button. You should then see the “Menu Structure” updated on the right-hand side. You can drag each item up and down to sort them to your liking.
    The menu Structure also allows you to change items such as the Label, the link target, the CSS styling and more. These are beyond the scope of this guide so we will not go into them right now.
  5. When you are done Click on the blue “Save Menu” button to make your changes active.

Bonus: There may be cases where the “Product Categories” do not appear under the menu items selection panel. To get it to show up you simply need to scroll to the top of the page and click the “Screen Options” link.

This will slide the box panel with options that can be activated by checking. Find the “Product Categories” checkbox and check it to make it appear below.

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