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WooCommerce Remove Store Notice Instructions

WooCommerce has a mechanism for displaying custom public messages called store notice. This guide will help the reader to remove store notice messages in WooCommerce.

Store notices are commonly used by store owners to communicate to their clients about informational messages. This messages include messages indicating that the store is in development mode and purchases will not have any financial impact and will not be honored.

Other messages could be those such as delivery issues, events, promotions, or any other marketing initiatives. The message displayed is usually a site-wide message.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress CMS. It allows site owners to turn their websites into an e-commerce store for digital and physical products, subscriptions, bookings and members, and much more.

This is how to Remove Store Notice in WooCommerce

  1. Sign in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Go to: Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Store Notice
  3. Alter the Store Notice: Edit or delete the message in the text area to change it. Uncheck the box labelled Enable Store Notice to stop displaying the message to visitors.
  4. Click on Publish: Click on the Publish button to save changes

In Conclusion

With those four steps you have successfully followed the Store Notice removal instructions for WooCommerce e-commerce sites. Follow these steps to enable and schedule the message.

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