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YouTube Gaming for the Gamers

Google recently released the video game channel YouTube Gaming as a YouTube spin-off. This new service seems to have adopted the model of Twitch another online video gaming website.

YouTube has already got a vibrant gaming community with the vast number of gamers recording and posting their game walk-throughs,  let’s plays, speed runs, music video among others. The case for Google to come up with their gaming version of Twitch was the vast interest that has grown over the years to this genre of video game interaction and collaboration pulling in tens of millions of views (if not hundreds of millions of views) on YouTube.

Twitch based out of San Francisco, California is another website that allows video gamers to broadcast live or recorded streams of their game-play to the public and spawn a social experience like never before.

The advantages Google’s gaming platform is that it brings over and above YouTube is that it segregates the gaming material from the rest of the cat and other junk videos clogging up YouTube’s search results.

When you go to YouTube Gaming you know you are in for a gaming experience guaranteed. You can access the gaming service here as well as take a peek at Twitch here.


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