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NVIDIA Releases GeForce Series 10 Pascal Mobile GPUs

A new era in PC gaming is here again with NVIDIA. This time geared towards the gamer on laptops and notebooks. Enter the GeForce 10 series Pascal Mobile GPUs.

Over the course of the several past weeks, NVIDIA has been releasing an array of GeForce graphics cards namely the GTX 1080, GTX 1070, GTX 1060 and the TITAN X.

Well, it is not over, these Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards were previously released for the Desktop and have now been made available for the laptop.

The Pascal Mobile GPUs Heat

These Geforce GPU cards just like their close cousins come VR ready and all spot the Pascal architecture. There is an entire line-up of notebook manufactures namely Acer, Aorus, ASUS, Clevo, EVGA, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Razer. These have all announced one or more notebooks with the Pascal Mobile GPUs immediately available.

The GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080 mobile GPUs are billed as the direct successors to the 970M, 980M and 980 respectively. You can check out details of these graphics cards using the following links for the GTX 1060 and GTX 1070, while the GTX 1080 details can be found here.

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