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How to get rid of Another Update is Currently in Progress: WordPress

“Another update is currently in progress” is one of those messages you do not hope to, or expect to see when you are updating your copy of WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS). It is ideal for building blogs or small and large websites for all conceivable purposes.

This is especially true if you encounter this for the first time. Such a message on a live site can send shivers down your back.

It makes for rumbling feelings if you did not heed the WordPress message explicitly asking you to backup your database first.

There is some good news. Well, plenty of good news to go around if you do come face-to-face with this message.

First off, do not panic. In this guide, we will show you how to get on your way and continue to put out great content on your WordPress website by dismissing that message.

How does “Another Update is Currently in Progress” Actually Come Across?

This message pops up if a previous update did not finish gracefully. This is internal protection to prevent simultaneous core updates. This lock is stored in the database and removed once the update successfully completes.

Three Ways to get rid of “Another update is currently in progress”

Here are three methods to sort out this problem. We present them in order of technical expertise and understanding of the WordPress internals. We assume you know how WordPress handles table name conventions.

Method 1: Sit back and do nothing. Yes, you heard us right. It will please you know that that notice comes with a time-out.

Basically, if you have the time, you can simply wait out 15 minutes and the message will be gotten rid of automatically.

This is by far the easiest and safest way to get rid of this message.

Method 2: If you are a bit familiar with MySQL database and to be more precise SQL (Structured Query language) and/or know your way around database tools such as PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, or SQLYog among others, you can easily go into the database and delete this lock from the database.

Whichever way you want you will need to go into your WordPress database and go to the _options table and delete the said option. A query similar to this would suffice:

SELECT * FROM _options WHERE option_name LIKE 'core_updater%'" 

It is important to note that the value for option_name before WordPress 4.5 was 'core_updater' while WordPress 4.5 and later use 'core_updater.lock' as the value for option_name.

With the query above, it should work for all versions of WordPress.

Method 3: You can clear the lock using wp-cli in your terminal. This is the WP command-line interface. You can simply run the command below to get rid of the lock:

wp option delete core_updater.lock

This will delete the option named core_updater.lock from the options table in the database.

There you have it. Take your pick at whichever method you find most convenient in getting rid of the “Another update is currently in progress” message.

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