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Get the August 2017 ACCU Overload 140 Journal Now

Another issue of the ACCU Overload 140 Journal this time for the month of August 2017 is now out. As usual, it comes packed with several topics on programming and the languages at the root of it. The bias, of course, is towards C++.

Overload is a publication of ACCU. The ACCU is a non-profit for programmers interesting in encouraging and promoting professionalism in programming. The Overload publication usually features content produced by the ACCU members.

Highlights of the August 2017 ACCU Overload 140 Journal

The first topic of interest is the Path of the Programmer by Charles Tolman where he provides a framework for this based on his personal experience as a programmer over the decades.

Sergey Ignatchenko continues with his tinkering into the nitty-gritty of allocators for (Re)Actors in his article about Usable C++ Dialect that is Safe Against Memory Corruption.

Metaclasses, the thoughts of generative C++ is covered by Herb Sutter where he shows us how metaclasses can simplify C++ with very minimal library extension.

Next, the journal follows Katarzyna Macias who experiences Rustlang for the first time. Then takes the extra step to provide an introduction to Rust for the C++ developer.

Next, the ACCU Overload 140 journal looks at the library that fixes problems when streaming non-ASCII characters in Windows. The topic is very fitting in Portable Console i/o via streams.

Satprem Pamudurthy discusses dependency injection in C++ He does this showing a functional alternative to this problem. Meanwhile, Andreas Fertig gives us a glimpse into the C++ Core Guidelines and why every C++ developer should adopt its philosophy.

Finally, Chris Oldwood closes with ever so reminding us to fix the problem and not focus on the blame.

All topics are explained in detail with adequate illustrations and source code snippets where it makes sense. Go online and get yourself a copy of the ACCU Overload 140 journal PDF download here.


ACCU Website https://accu.org/

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