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Time for the TIOBE August 2017 Programming Languages Review

As we crunch the numbers for TIOBE August 2017, the programming languages rankings, it gives us a new insight into what is happening around the world of software developers and programmers alike.

The TIOBE Index seeks to understand the popularity around programming languages around the world and how they stack up against one another. Today we take a look at the numbers for August 2017 to see which ones have made the cut and who’s out.

What’s Interesting in the TIOBE August 2017 Rankings?

The general trend over the last few months shows that there is movement across the board into an equilibrium. It is as though the programming languages are gravitating toward a more stable and closely knit cluster.

Here’s what we mean. Look at the top performers Java and C. They have lost the most percentage points over the same period last year. This has been the case throughout the year 2017.

This does not cloud the fact that the top programming languages have also been losing percentage points. Actually, out of the top 15 languages on the TIOBE August 2017 list it is only Visual Basic .NET and R that made some gains. The rest dropped point while we see those at the bottom all made gains. This closes the gap from the bottom feeders to the top performers.

Another thing to note is the relinquishing of the positions 11 and 12 that Assembly steadily held for so long. This makes Assembly the biggest drop of the month.

Also, we see Objective-C breathe its last has it makes a hasty retreat possibly never to rise again. Objective-C was anchored by Apple and its use in iPhone development until Apple dropped it in favor of Swift.

So with that said let us take a look at the standings.

Top 20 Programming Languages According to the TIOBE August 2017 Rankings

Visual Basic remained steady at position 13 while Delphi/Objective Pascal dropped one spot to rest out at position 12.

Gaining three spots is Swift to settle at eleventh just out of the top 10. Ruby squeezed its way in and took up position 10 formally occupied by Assembly.

Perl remained steady at position nine and JavaScript lost a spot to rest in at position eight. PHP stayed glued to a spot above JavaScript at 7th.

Visual Basic .NET rose three spots to rest easy at 6th place just missing out on the elite top five which all retained their spots.

The top five programming languages see Python hold at the tail position guarding position five. C# takes the fourth position once again with C++ holding strong at third place. C comes in second while Java once again takes the top spot.

It will be interesting when we review the numbers again in two months time to see what the ranking will be like. With the major update of Visual Studio 2017 and the release of .NET CORE 2.0 as well as the new iPhone coming out there is bound to be a shaking in the rankings. Check out more details on the rankings here.

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