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CMake 3.9.2 Release has Been Announced and now Available

The new CMake 3.9.2 release has been announced for general availability. It can now be downloaded and used for production and comes with fixes and a couple of upgrades too.

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform tool for building, testing an packaging software. It is made by Kitware for software development where users can manage their compilations using configuration scripts to generate native makefiles and workspaces for specific compiler environments.

Highlights of the new CMake 3.9.2 Release

For Android targets there is the update for NDK r16. It now also installs required system libraries for Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 redist directory as well as adding support for future Visual Studio 2017 toolchains.

Still on the same, VS now does not reference output assemblies for CSharp targets if it is not possible. It now also initializes CSharp flags consistently.

Support for MSVC with non-English output has now been fixed. Those are just but a few of the changes that come with this version of CMake.

You can download your copy of CMake by going over to the official download page here.

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