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How do Computers get Slower Over Time

There is an age-old question as to whether computers get slow over time. Or it could just be a conspiracy by the computer manufacturers to get you to keep going back to buy the latest hardware in the market.

Again it could just be the mites and bugs… like insect bugs that have eaten away at the best of your hardware. How about merely just the fact like us, the computer hardware just gets old over time.

Whatever the reason, if you want the clear cut answer you can go ahead and scroll to the end of this article but I wouldn’t recommend it. So let’s keep reading.

Maintaining Your Computers, Best Practice

Great now that you have decided to read on, we will just give you a couple of tips as to why you may no longer be excited about your new shiny rig after a couple of months of tinkering with it.

First off a lot of this “My computer has become slow” is rather psychological. Here’s what I mean. Whenever you buy new computers the speed at which you start off with becomes the control speed. Anything after that is measured to the first time you used your new computer.

So the big question. Why do computers become slow thereafter? There are several answers which we will address in our upcoming guide on how to make your computer run faster.

First off a big chunk of the blame goes to the users themselves. The users whether intentional or not, are prone to installing new software and more so a lot of it. Some of the software may be legitimate while a lot of it may have piggy-backed on other software.

The problem with this software is with the increase of connected devices and cloud services compounding the problem, a lot of modern software runs background processes on our computers.

In addition to this, as we keep updating our software with time, it is good to note that we are constantly updating software that is ever more being optimized for more modern and powerful computer hardware. This means that computer software nowadays is ever more demanding on computer hardware resources.

The Real Reason your Computers are Slow

So basically installation of too much software and services that we may not really need. This is especially when this software runs in the background whether or not it is being actively used as well as upgrading to software versions that demand more resources are the greatest contributors to the reduction of computers’ performance.

There are other reasons such as heavier demands from web applications and websites, heavy on the hand anti-virus software and more. Like mentioned earlier we will deal with all of these when we discuss how to speed up your computers. Until then happy reading and let’s hear your comments in the meantime.

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