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The Release of POCO 1.7.3 has Been Announced

The widely popular POCO C++ Libraries gets another update making the current stable version POCO 1.7.3. The release was announced today as a maintenance release.

This release fixes a couple of issues in the Net, Data and Zip libraries.

Some of the Fixes in POCO 1.7.3

This version fixes the invalid zip format when opening a docx in word along with a couple of other issues such as the removal of Poco::Data::Row::checkEmpty() which prevented Row from being used with all NULL rows.

The Poco::Data::RowFormatter has also been fixed and is no longer generating exceptions if the first column of first row is null plus many more.

Meanwhile POCO 1.7.3 has also been updated to use the upgraded bundled SQLite 3.12.2. Be sure to check out the new version and download it here.

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