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Crucial Update for POCO 1.7.1 Released

We recently announced the new release of POCO as mentioned here. In spite of that release a new update of POCO 1.7.1 has been announced for immediate availability. This update fixes a few critical bugs found in the previous release. As such an update had to made as a replacement.

What’s Fixed in POCO 1.7.1?

There are three notable fixes in this new version. First off there is a bug fix dealing with seeing frequent “MySQL server has gone away” errors. Next when attempting to connect via a proxy, the library was throwing a DNS error “Host not found”. Finally there was an internal possible deadlock bug when TaskManager::count() is called in onFinished. Also as a new feature, TLS is enforced over SSL if OpenSSL version is greater than or equal 1.1.

It is highly recommended that everyone gets the new POCO update by going to the download page here.

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