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CryEngine 5.2.0 Release is now Available

CryEngine 5.2.0 is now available for download. It has been announced for general availability and comes with resolved issues that have been addressed by the community with a host of fixes and feature updates.

CryEngine is a game engine developed by the game developer Crytek. it came into the limelight with its initial release of the game Far Cry. It was also the basis of the heavily modified Dunia Engine used in Far Cry 2 by Ubisoft which they now maintain in-house. The engine written in C++, Lua and C# is available free including the full source code and features.

CryEngine is cross-platform and is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One and Xbox360. It is also available for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Wii U. On Mobile it supports both iOS and Android.

Highlights of CryEngine 5.2.0

The new FBX importer now comes with support for materials and animations. There is now improved Character Cloth Simulation with VCloth 2.0. Constraints on Live Characters allows users to add restraints such as chains or ropes on characters which accurately behave physically.

The Game engine also comes with five new C++ Starter Templates. These include First-person camera template, Third-person camera template, Sidescroller camera, Top-Down camera template and Rolling Ball physics template.

Other improvements can be found in the particle editor and improvements in the project creation and managements. The documentation has also been overhauled. There is also extended analytical occluders support for SVOGI.

Detailed Screen Space Shadows (DSSS) is now fully supported and documented in this release.

There is a whole host of bug fixes and improvements in virtually every area of the engine ranging from the animation system and character tools to the AI system. The audio and dynamic response systems have also gotten some improvements and fixes.

The core system, the graphics and rendering systems as well as DirectX 12 and OpenGL have not been left out. There are also improvements in the physics engine and networking system in addition to more.

To get a whole list of fixes you can visit the CryEngine 5.2.0 release page here. You can also visit the official website and get details on the game engine here.


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