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Ext JS 6.2 for General Availability is now Out

Sencha and the Ext JS team have announced the release of Ext JS 6.2 for general availability. The release comes out after several weeks of testing the early access release by the Ext JS community.

Ext JS is a pure JavaScript application framework. It can be used for building enterprise class interactive cross platform web applications. It is inter-operable with with other JavaScript libraries and does not have any external dependencies within itself.

What are the Highlights of Ext JS 6.2

A new enhanced Material Theme now comes with this release allowing more flexibility, look and feel of you app on any device. There is also a new iOS Theme to go along.

There is now advanced calendaring capabilities in your Ext JS applications with the Calendar Component. Exporter now supports native XLSX format, as well as CSV and TSV.

The D3 Adapter brings the D3.js library with Ext JS core classes for D3 visualizations as ready to use components. Pivot Grid is now available in the Modern toolkit just as Classic toolkit.

Still on Grid Enhancements in both the Modern and Classic toolkits there is new functionality such as row body widgets allow you to do things like add components in a row body such as an entire grid.

Viewport Zoom and Native Scrolling now allows pinch zooming and tap zooming on supported devices.

You can read further on the details of Ext JS 6.2 you can follow the details here. We highly recommend you give this toolkit a test run. You can get started by visiting this link here.

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