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Cutelyst 1.1.2 Release is now available for Download

Cutelyst 1.1.2 Release has been announced for general availability. This release comes with feature updates as well as bug fixes and improvements.

Cutelyst is a C++ Qt web framework. It is a free and open source cross-platform framework that supports multiple protocols including HTTP 1.0, FastCGI, uWSGI among others. It also comes with plugin based views implementing Grantlee, Clearsilver, JSON and Email.

This web framework leverages C++11 and the Qt Framework making it ideal to build very fast and efficient web applications and Desktop application that can leverage the same code base on the server. It serves a model which separates templates and the underlying core codebase which allows it to be scaled for both small applications and large applications alike.

Highlights of the Cutelyst 1.1.2 Release

CMake >= 3.1 and Qt >= 5.6 are required to get started with this version. There are a few bug fixes that are released with this version including the lazy evaluation of Request methods fix as well as WSGI fixed on loading configs and parsing the command line option.

New features include the addition of the EPoll event loop to Linux builds. This is faster than default GLib but its use is optional and requires CUTELYST_EVENT_LOOP_EPOLL=1 environment to be set. Also new is ViewEmail set and get methods for authentication and connections. Also included is the WSGI ability to set TCP_NODELAY, TCP KEEPALIVE, SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF on command line.

You can get the Cutelyst 1.1.2 Release set of tools and get started development by visiting the GitHub page here.

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